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The Mini-Squeezo Manual Tomato Strainer

The Original All-Metal Squeezo Manual Tomato Strainer - Standard
Price: $89.99 Free Shipping for Limited Time! In Stock

Quick Facts:
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Large 6 1/2 inch hopper!
  • Lightweight construction
  • Recipe Book, Plunger and Cleaning Brush Included
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty Included
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Deco Product Description

The Mini-Squeezo Strainer is a long-lasting and cost-effective unit designed with simplicity in mind. This unit features a 6 1/2 “ bowl and tray that are made of food-safe plastic material (BPA free), scroll and housing is high-quality aluminum alloy, the screen is finely polished stainless steel with a rubber gasket helping seal the unit and avoid any leakage. The Mini-Squeezo is capable of processing the highest quality crushed tomatoes and favorite jams. The Mini-Squeezo includes a recipe book with lots of delicious recipes, perfect for a day in the kitchen with your family. Our main focus is to promote natural food processing directly from the farm to the table.

Use your new Squeezo to make homemade food like dips, purees, and guacamole. As well as your favorite soups and sauces!

Deco What's Included
  • The Mini-Squeezo comes with a standard 1/16" hole screen.
  • A recipe booklet filled with ideas on how to use your The Mini-Squeezo 365 days a year and how to conserve your food.
  • A wooden plunger as well as cleaning brush.
Attachment Manual Accessories
Deco Squeezo Strainer Operation
For best results and to get the most pulp and juice from your fruits or vegetables, apply GENTLE pressure with the wooden plunger and DO NOT fill the hopper more than half full. If the seeds and skin do not seem as dry as they might be, you can run them through a second time, but this is not expected to be a standard procedure. It may be necessary to clean the screen periodically if you are using it for extended periods, such as when processing very large batches of produce.
*Mini-Squeezo does not work with pomegranates or seeded grapes.

Deco Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning your Mini-SqueezoPROPERLY is very important. Be sure to dry it THOROUGHLY before storing it in order to prevent rust. If you process tomatoes with your Mini-Squeezo, any rust will react with their natural acidity and this can spoil your food, and is certainly not good to ingest! Take the time to meticulously clean the screens with a stiff brush that can fit into both ends, such as the one provided with your Mini-Squeezo. Give extra attention to the the screen - seeds and skin may get lodged in it. REMOVE the rubber gasket to clean thoroughly. Leaving it in place will trap moisture. Be sure to dry your Mini-Squeezo and all parts very thoroughly before putting them away. It is also highly recommended that you coat the Mini-Squeezo lightly with some vegetable oil or product such as PAM, especially the screens, before storing it to further prevent rust and help your Mini-Squeezo keep running smoothly.