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The Original All Metal Squeezo Manual Tomato Strainer

The Original All-Metal Squeezo Strainer is made in the USA! It is composed of all-metal parts (except for the rubber gasket and nylon bushing) The body is made from die cast aluminum and the hopper is made from aluminum so it won't discolor, lose its shape, or retain odors. The screens are steel with nickel plating. Your Squeezo Strainer is an extremely versatile tool. The deluxe kit is an upgraded model that comes with three attachments for different purposes: standard tomato, berry and pumpkin. Simply use the plunger to guide your fruits or vegetables down the hopper and turn the handle to watch your fresh juice escape into the drainer - seed/peel free!

What does this mean to you?

The Original All-Metal Squeezo Strainer is perfect for home use. It is very versatile and easy to use. The machine even comes with a recipe booklet to help you get started! Remember: the deluxe model has all three straining attachments.